Extra-Curricular Provision

Enrichment Activities

Extra-curricular activities are an integral part of all schools’ programs.  Ajyal International School will provide a broad and rich variety of activities for students to participate in both during the school day and after the academic program has finished each day.  These activities will support the mission of our school by ensuring students are offered opportunities to develop their skills and experiences.  Activities such as the Student Council, Charity Committees and Debating Groups will contribute to the implementation and understanding of the GEMS Core Values.Many of the extra-curricular activities will be linked directly to the curriculum and designed specifically to enhance and extend the learning that occurs in the classroom. Activities such as Drama, Music, Culinary Arts, Public Speaking and Debating, apart from foreign languages are part of the students’ daily life, embedded within the curriculum. Others are designed to serve as an opportunity to explore something new or to give those students who find the academic side of school life more challenging a chance to excel.All staff will lead or support these activities. We see this as an excellent opportunity for staff to gain a broader and more accurate insight into each student and this is particularly useful when planning and assessing their learning and development as individuals. Activities will include both individual pursuits and team building activities for students from KG onwards. Students may choose from a wide variety of  activities that may include:

Book Club

Traditional Dance (Ardah)

Charity Club

Football (soccer)

Fitness Club

Health and Beauty Club

Reading Club

Chess Club

Environmental Club


French/Spanish Club

Poetry Club


The Conservation Club

Creative writing Club


Art Club/Crafts

Fashion Design Club

Please note:

  • Other activities will be added in response to students’ interests and talents.
  • Proposed activities will be delivered pending sufficient student interest.

Extracurricular activities are an important facet of our educational offerings as part of the mission in providing a well-rounded education experience and opportunities to pursue special interests and develop talents. The school’s extracurricular sessions take place mainly on campus and include a wide array of activities. Most after-school activities involve fees and/or the purchase of additional equipment and/or clothing but also include some free activities.